Edward C. Alfano

Huntington Gardens XXI (7/10), 2012
Pigment Print
22 x 34 in
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Edward Alfano is a frequent visitor to Huntington Gardens, and it serves as a verdant muse that has given him inspiration over the years. Alfano photographs with infrared film, an archaic medium that has not been manufactured in years. Infrared film allows light to be absorbed and reflected in a different way than traditional film, or digital media. Alfano develops the film, scans the images, and then reproduces them as digital pigment prints. The partnership of technology and traditional medium, give Alfano's photographs a unique aesthetic, and sets his work apart from other photographers. In his Huntington Gardens series, Alfano uses the infrared film's qualities and the digital rendering of his photographs to abstract his subject matter. His compositions lend a certain surreal quality to his landscapes, and close-ups of flora. Other sizes, prices, and framing options available upon inquiry.